View from Dan March 2022

Here at RESG towers we have been very busy. So busy in fact, we haven’t kept any digital media up to date. So, we should enlighten you all what we have been up to.

We have travelled the country fixing buses and coaches (yes, that is our job we know). We have been also planning for the future and looking at the brand. We know a lot of people have been asking about the company name with another daughter here. We have also been looking at recruitment to expand our team. If you know anyone who could step up and take the role, email us on or call the office on 01302 354545.

It has been interesting over the last few months. Losing 2 members of staff last year has had it challenges to our team, but the workload did tone down, something to do with a pandemic, but since then, especially over the last few months, we have seen a massive resurgence of work. This is great to see for the industry which was lower than its knees not too many months ago. Its great to see on our travels more and more coaches on the road. Even if I do go along the roads, with or without the family, saying “I’ve worked on that”. Yes, as your reading this its amazing its still on the road after I’ve been on it (Cheeky).

We are awaiting a new sprinter which was promised in September last year. We currently have a sweepstake on when it will arrive. I have passed my date along with Katie. We both thought the dealer would keep to their time, its not cheating, its using the resources available to us, but alas that didn’t work. Although my sprinter is apparently due at the end of April, we may have another sweepstake for November 2022 arrival if this is to go with. Shaun is currently in the winning position, but end of March is the end of his bet and Ben takes over till the 24th April. Dawn after that for a day. (25th April)

Customers have also been commenting positively on our field service management system. This has been a great success from our old digital form to an app based system. This has made the office admin easier than ever along with engineer data input.

I think that covers a bit over the last few months. I shall keep you all informed via this and our social channels!

Take care everyone!


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