You will have seen some of Team Gold in the vans, well here is everyone and a little about them.

The Field Service Team

All over the UK





Richard Gilmore

Field Service Auto Electrician

Richard joined the firm in June 2019 and has gone from strength to strength in his diagnostic skills and excels at problem solving. You’ll see Richard mostly in the south of the country and enjoying his van without a clutch. You can ask him about his love affair with VLE, the “MANS” van.

You can email Richard on or call on 01302 354545

Dan Newbould

Field Service Auto Electrician

“Young Dan” joined in 2019 and has grown to be an excellent electrician. He still admits he needs to keep learning, the improvement shown has been ten-fold. Dan however, needs to be home before the darkness, or the werewolf will come out…….

You can contact Dan on or call 01302 354545 

Ben Boast

Field Service Auto Electrician

Ben has recently joined us here at RESG and proven to be an excellent asset in the field as well as on the company “Food Club” group. Ben has been at Wrightbus, Alexander Dennis and at First. You’ll see Ben around the North and Central regions of the company

You can contact Ben at or 01302 354545

The Office Team

At Gresley House, Doncaster



Dawn Thomas

Business Administrator

Dawn is the first person on the phone. You’ll speak to her to book your vehicle in, have a chat about the weather and joke about how fat Daniel has become since being placed in the office.

You can email Dawn on  or call 01302 354545

Katie Bramley

Financial Director

Katie operates our accounts team, who you speak to about payments, invoices and anything really associated with money. If it has a number, Katie generally deals with it. Katie is also the poor woman who has to deal with Daniel everyday. So please take some pity on her…

You can email Katie on or call 01302 354545  


Shaun Hockenhull

Engineering Manager

Shaun is the manager of the field service team and all things engineering. Shaun started with us in 2018 and has risen to Engineering Manager. Playing an integral part in Team Gold system, you will speak to Shaun about anything engineering or want a chat about wiring diagrams or Sheffield Wednesday.

You can email Shaun on or 01302 354545 


Daniel Croskell

Managing Director

“Old Man Dan” started RES Auto Electrical in September 2015. He now has a team he classes as GOLD and knows how lucky he is with that team around him. An avid Coventry City fan and a poor man surrounded by girls, you can see if you can get any sense out of him regarding anything electrical.

You can contact Daniel on or 01302 354545


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